My older brother was the source of my passion for architecture. He showed me the beauty of some buildings of our city: Barcelona. In the 70s, the value of the architectural shapes was hidden under a thick and grey layer; cultural grey and forgotten grey. Luckily, nowadays we have taken away that grey away and we can enjoy the colours and shapes of the city. Searching the beauty in architectural forms and illustrate them has always been in my career.

Barceloneta. Reconstrucció i ambientació 
de la casa de la Barceloneta al voltant de l'any 1783.
Il·lustració exposada a la Casa de la Barceloneta.

Country house Freixa. Terrassa. Sections and unblocking.
Masia Freixa

Country house Freixa. Terrassa 1905. Architect Lluís Muncunill. Sections.

Museu del Gas. Un edifici adaptat per l'estalvi energètic.

Dyes’ factory, El Vapor Amat. Terrassa. Architect Lluís Muncunill.

 Reconstruction of the Romanesque church of Tost and its canopy.
Museu Episcopal de Vic. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.
Salvem Tost
Baldaquí de Tost

 Iberian wall of Montgròs. Montseny.

 Pau Casals Museum. El Vendrell.

Construction of the Gothic catedral of  Barmi.

Modernist façade from Joaquim Alegre’s store.
Terrassa 1904. Architect Lluís Muncunill.

Monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres. 
Park guides: Guilleries-Savassona. Diputació de Barcelona.
 (Barcelona Provincial Council)

 Church of Santa Maria de Poblet.
Descobrir Catalunya (Magazine: Discover Catalonia)